Terms of use

By using the services provided by ScholarOasis.com (ScholarOasis), you agree to the Terms of use. If you do not accept and agree to the Terms of use, please do not use any service provided by ScholarOasis.

1. Making offers. When you make an offer to sell, buy or swap a textbook on ScholarOasis, any ScholarOasis user who claims to be a student of your school can see your offer, and take your offer to establish a deal with you. Note: ScholarOasis is an exclusive network and only people with valid student email can register.

2. Establishing and Carrying out deals. When a deal is established, the offer on which the deal is established will be removed and consequently becomes invisible to the public. Once a deal is established neither party can withdraw without facing consequences.

3. Transactions. ScholarOasis insists that you only carry out transactions in public locations. Do not pick any private location or agree to go to a private location for any transaction. ScholarOasis will not be responsible for anything that happens during, before or after any transaction.